Science communication


I have an active presence on Twitter (@isotopesrule), including project updates, conference tweets and science outreach. Since May 2018 I am a Social Media Editor for the open-access journal Open Quaternary.

May 2018: Nature Ecology & Evolution ‘Behind the paper’ Blogpost ‘A very different environment for early toolmakers in South Africa‘.

Spring 2018: Course Developer and Lecturer, 20h Archaeology Centre Workshop in Advanced Fieldwork Technology for professionals in Cultural Resource Management (CRM).

Fall 2017: Organiser, visit of the 4th Toronto Pathfinder unit, Girl Guides of Canada, to the Archaeology Centre, University of Toronto.

AIA Fall 2017 Newsletter article on our recent excavations at Pniel:

News coverage

Solomon star article 5 June 2018: Prehistoric teeth reveal surprising details about ancient Africa’s climate.

Oxford Science Blog 21 May 2018: A very different environment for early tool makers in South Africa

SABC news item on 11 June 2017 about our excavations at Wonderwerk Cave: