Arts & Science Faculty Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto, Canada.



2012 – 2016      D.Phil, University of Oxford, UK

Thesis title: Two million years of environmental change: a case study from Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape, South Africa. Supervisor: Julia Lee-Thorp.

2006 – 2011      Magister Artium, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany

Thesis title: Stable isotope analyses on the fauna from Payre (Ardèche, France). Supervisors: Nicholas Conard and Hervé Bocherens. Subjects studied: Palaeolithic Archaeology and Quaternary Ecology, Palaeoanthropology and Geosciences.


23 months of archaeological fieldwork experience (in Germany, Syria and South Africa), including Academic Excavations and Heritage Office Excavations.

2017                 Director of Excavations, Pniel (Palaeolithic), South Africa.

17424593_1471498699528541_7197470128997440163_n2013 – 2017      Spatial Data Manager, Wonderwerk Cave (Palaeolithic), South Africa

2008 & 2012     Field Archaeologist, Hohle Fels (Palaeolithic), Germany.


2011 & 2012     Field Archaeologist, Sibudu (Palaeolithic), South Africa.

2011                 Field Archaeologist, Hoidjiespunt (Palaeolithic), South Africa. 17390569_1471501692861575_981268920576355449_o

2010                 Field Archaeologist, Wadi Mushkuna (Palaeolithic), TDASP Project, Syria.

2009                Field school Supervisor, Vogelherd Cave post-excavation processing (Palaeolithic), Germany.

2008 & 2009     Field Archaeologist, Schöningen (Palaeolithic and Neolithic), Germany.

2008                 Post-excavation Assistant, Vogelherd Cave (Palaeolithic), Germany.

2007                 Staff archaeologist, Dettingen/Teck, Hessigheim and Holzgerlingen (Medieval), Germany.

2005                 Field Archaeologist, Wahlheim (Roman), Germany.

2003                 Field Archaeologist, Ottmarsheimer Höhe (Roman), Germany.





Quaternary science; Past environments and human evolution; stable isotope research; Palaeolithic; Europe and Africa; fieldwork techniques.